ICG and Pizazz

Offering a customised, expertly devised lightbox solutions to ICG clients through a smart partnership.

Tucked away in a corner of the ICG building, you’ll find the office of bright trendsetter Pizazz. Specialising in graphic display systems, Pizazz are all about making brands, businesses, creative campaigns and artists look stunning. They deal in snap frames, poster adhesives and all manner of everyday signage solutions. But where Pizazz really shine and show off their unique offering is their beautiful LED lightboxes.

They’re so effective, in fact, that Kiwi artists – including the incredibly talented Lisa Reihana – have enlisted Pizazz’s help to showcase their work using lightbox installations. Both the Auckland Art Gallery and the Auckland Museum have used Pizazz’s lightboxes, the latter to display award-winning photography in the popular Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

Pizazz even offer solar-powered lightboxes for a more portable (and greener) option. It’s all about using new tech to disrupt the old way of doing things, which makes Pizazz a natural partner for ICG.

Pizazz have helped some of the most successful brands, artists and artistic organisations in Auckland to showcase what they do, including:

• Auckland Museum

• Auckland Art Gallery

• Lisa Reihana

• Cathy Carter.


  • Custom lightbox and manufacturing


  • Outdoor
ICG and Pizazz