A winter summer’s night

The beer, wine, and cider market are rather saturated. Practically every month new players enter the market. But Independent Liquor knew they had something special in their latest product, Somersby Blackberry Cider. So, they came to us to help bring a launch event alive and make the right kind of waves. Because the target market was a very discerning bunch, the client really needed to create some noise in a tasteful kind of way.

One small detail: we were launching what’s typically a summer drink in the middle of winter.

There was always only ever one destination in mind: Mr Toms in Ponsonby, a thriving local in a thriving locale. Here we used the power of print to transport our lucky audience to the time and place they longed to be – summer. Walls were covered in lush climbers, and we gave the bar an outdoor makeover. We worked with Independent Liquor to create a one-night-only Somersby menu, including a cocktail to that was pure summer. Plus, two lucky customers walked home with a trip to Queenstown.


  • Design & layout
  • Print Production


  • Point of sale
  • Event
A winter summer’s night