Care and Advice

Thanks to the increasing involvement of digital in our everyday lives, New Zealanders have never had access to such a wealth of health and wellness information. While this has had its benefits, it’s also has caused a great deal of confusion, stress, and potential harm.

With this in mind, we were tasked with finding a way to make New Zealanders trust Unichem and Life pharmacists as the first point of call for their health and wellness needs.

We used the strength of our national network plus the face of caring, expert staff to develop a user-centric content platform that supports Green Cross Health’s overarching Care + Advice philosophy. Through TV, search, microsite, and native advertising, we targeted New Zealanders who were actively interested in information on key health topics with several streams of relevant content.


  • Brand, digital and communications strategy
  • Creative conceptualization
  • Digital production
  • Television and video production
  • Analysis and refinement


  • TV
  • Web
  • YouTube
Care and Advice