Connecting the world, one fibre at a time

Having successfully bid to support Chorus in rolling out fibre broadband to NZ, Alcatel-Lucent (now owned by Nokia) was thrust into the international spotlight as thought leaders.

Incredibly proud of their role and keen to capitalise on their star power, Alcatel-Lucent wanted to wow international government managers of telco infrastructure, with hopes of the UFB job being the first of many. All they needed now was some promotional tools to showcase their tech smarts. And they needed them fast.

Fortunately, with diverse resources and skills under our roof, we do fast extremely well. Our in-house content team worked closely with Alcatel-Lucent and quickly produced 8 engaging mini-documentaries, which pulled in huge numbers of video views from all over the world. Supported by a beautifully printed, easy-to-read magazine, the videos received extremely positive feedback and were shown at numerous international presentations. We even managed to get Steven Joyce, the then-Minister for Economic Development, on camera to sing the client’s praises.


  • Content strategy
  • Creative conceptualisation
  • Content generation
  • Design and layout
  • Video production
  • Digital production
  • Print


  • Video
  • Website
  • Booklet
Connecting the world, one fibre at a time