Corona Snow Widget

Keen to dispel the notion that beer is only a summer drink, Corona wanted to link their name with the thrill of winter snow fun. So how best to get Kiwis excited about skiing, boarding, sledding and shredding – plus a couple of cold ones afterwards?

To harness the hype, we built Corona a widget tracking snowfall rate, which dynamically switched the creative when more than 15cm fell at selected winter hotspots. Generic messaging transformed into an ‘Epic Snow Alert’, capturing the attention and excitement of snow lovers all over the country.

Results:The campaign was hugely successful, and will be repeated in 2019.After seeing how effective and popular the campaign was, APNO modified the app to track other types of weather feeds.


  • Information architecture
  • Technology support
  • Widget on the Aerva Digital Signage CMS


  • Digital signage