NZ Post Rebrand

When NZ Post undertook the massive task to rebrand across the country, including its growing fleet of over 1400 vehicles, they chose the proven team at SCG for the challenge.

Our dedicated team of skilled craftspeople and nationwide installer network have so far wokred on over 900 vans and light trucks, 420 Paxsters, their electric latter delivery cehicles and 30 large longhaul trucks and trailers with exclusively manufactured custom brand colours since the brand launch in June 2021. 

Across 32 locations from Whangarei to Invercargill, SCG has created and deployed a customised online workflow management system to make the process as efficient as possible for NZ Post. The system seamlessly facilitates vehicle booking, scheduling, quality control and sign off procedures that integrates into posts invoicing and an accounting system. 

We were honoured to be chosen to help evolve NZ's favourite delivery service, wrapping their entire fleet of vehicles which will roll-out over the next few years. 


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