Fertility Associates

20,000 little miracles. 13 little videos. One massively moving collection of stories.

Fertility Associates had reached a monumental milestone – 20,000 babies born with the help of their services. To celebrate, they wanted to tell the world in a way that captured the meaning behind the metrics. To make that happen, they wanted our help – and we decided there was no better way to show the profound love surrounding each of those 20,000 babies than through the voices of their families.

We began with a call for people who’d experienced fertility treatment to share their unique journeys – the lows, the highs, the big moments and the things they wished they’d known at the beginning. We selected 13 responses, and arranged interviews with the writers – a varied group of mums, couples and families, all with a much-loved little one at the centre of their stories. We invited each of them to talk about their experiences with Fertility Associates, and talk they did. They shared the pain of infertility, their powerful fear and tentative hope during treatment, and how much the caring advice and support of Fertility Associates had meant to them. They shared the advice they’d give others undergoing treatment. Most movingly of all, they shared what it was like finding out they were finally pregnant. There were more than a few damp eyes about as the tales of struggle and sheer joy unfolded around the chatty, wriggly little ones grinning into the camera.

As the editing team put the finishing touches on the videos, our digital promotion experts got to work crafting copy and compiling campaigns. Showcased across a variety of channels including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, the videos helped people everywhere better understand the significance of what Fertility Associates do.

They deliver miracles – and here’s to the next 20,000 of them.


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Fertility Associates