Footing it with the big guys

The New Zealand fuel industry is extremely competitive. Margins on fuel are tight, making it tough for the big petrol station chains to thrive – let alone the smaller, independent companies. The one way they can operate successfully is through a collective – like Red Circle. They’re an agency that brings vital scale of economy and group buying power to independents.

Unfortunately, the Red Circle collective had multiple brands and numerous messages, leading to overall confusion and fragmentation. To produce a coherent message, we began by looking at Red Circle’s customer journey, designing bespoke materials for each touchpoint with our in-house design team. This involved a huge number of deliverables – pump toppers, road-side A-frames, shelf wobblers, counter stands and more. We produced it all through our extensive printing house, then distributed it directly to each of Red Circle’s clients throughout New Zealand.

Most importantly of all, we put in place plans and infrastructure to tweak each element each month, giving us the edge in a market where the tiniest advantage can make all the difference.


  • Design and layout
  • Production
  • Pick and pack
  • Print


  • Point of sale
Footing it with the big guys