Idealog’s Elevator Pitch

Entrepreneurs are always told to work on their ‘elevator pitch’: a short, simple description of their idea that anyone can understand in the space of an elevator ride.

It’s not an easy skill to master. Elevator pitches can’t be wishy washy, or boring, or confusing. The most interesting angle needs to be front and centre – not buried deep in an explanation.

Since Idealog’s all about supporting and educating entrepreneurs so they can achieve commercial success, the team decided to introduce a fun, quirky storytelling feature to help emerging businesses master their elevator pitches.

Alongside sponsor partner Flick, Idealog launched the Elevator Pitch series in April 2018, featuring videos of founders doing their business pitches in an actual elevator. The debut video showcased Smartass, a tree-free toilet paper brand, with founder Tony Small standing awkwardly in an elevator clutching toilet paper rolls while he pitched his business idea. This set the tone for an amusing and educational series on how to best pitch your company to the world.

The 20 stories produced for Elevator Pitch were watched by an audience almost three times the size of Idealog’s eDM database – 13,000+ unique website visitors and 13,772 social views. The team have since rolled out monthly videos and weekly written stories to keep generating interest, and Elevator Pitch has also consistently been recognised as one of Idealog’s most prolific content series by PR companies, advertisers, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

In fact, Idealog now get pitched to by people specifically to be part of the series!


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Idealog’s Elevator Pitch