Unreal Deal: Liquorland Rebrand

As Liquorland’s long-standing advertising partner and creator of their premium guide magazine Toast, SCG, has been tasked to give New Zealand’s best liquor retailer a new look. 

Having been around since 1981, Liquorland has quickly become a well-recognised and well-loved liquor retailer that has over 160 locations across the country. 

It has been around three years since Liquorland saw a new look, and in that time competitors have come up - like Bottle’O who has a similar colour to the brand’s iconic green. 

This meant Liquorland needed to take a look at themselves to see what they can do to remain on top.

Together with the talented team at SCG, they both came up with an idea to modernise the brand and make it more appealing as the world shifts to social media and they did this by becoming more in line with their premium Toast brand. 

From end to end, SCG and Liquorland took a look at the Toast brand and was able to reimagine their iconic look to broaden its appeal for all of their customers and channels, with a focus on a younger more social media savvy group.

We were able give the brand an evolution from an offer architecture standpoint, changing the way deals are communicatedto the look of in-store POS, social, digital mailers, brochures and so much more. 

As this was an evolution and not a revolution of the brand, we took into consideration and ensured it continued to work with the current Liquorland store brand. 

Together we worked on moving the brand in small increments, maintaining the appeal of the brand and knitting Liquorland and Toast look and feel more closely, while modernising it and without surprising their audience and overhauling the entire brand. 


  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Design Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Production
  • Print


  • Point of Sale
  • Digital
  • Website
  • Social
Unreal Deal: Liquorland Rebrand