Liquorland's Finest

Our objective to inspire wine lovers to discover ‘new favourites’ – and guide them in the right direction. Keen to position themselves as professional (but unpretentious) wine experts, Liquorland were eyeing up the premium wine space. We worked alongside Liquorland to produce premium wine branding to stand out in stores, and ‘Liquorland’s Finest’ was born.

A seasonal campaign that runs quarterly, it promotes wine with an unmistakeably Liquorland flavour. An expert panel of judges suggests different wines to try – with a focus on tasting, testing, and taking away useful knowledge (including food matches).

Each featured drop remains affordable, encouraging customers to ‘try a new favourite’.

It’s all about education, encouragement, and getting excited about seriously good vino.


  • Brand development
  • Content creation
  • Design
  • Print


  • Point of sale
  • Social
  • Digital Magazine
  • Mailer insert
Liquorland's Finest