Packaging Perfection

The Four Saucemen have been a valued customer of SCG since 2018, when they approached us for help with the urgent design and printing of a standout label for their singular product - Pork Rib Rub. In 2019, they expanded their product range with three more BBQ Rubs and a new BBQ Rib Glaze, and once again, they were thrilled with the design and finished labels produced by our team.

As the couple sought to streamline their process, they approached us with a new request to shift from labels that had to be applied to blank pre-formed pouches to pre-printed pouches. Given our extensive experience in printing packaging solutions, we were well-equipped to meet their needs. Our team provided them with a premium K-Style Pouch with a minimum print-run of only 2,000, which can include multiple SKUs. The Four Saucemen were pleased with the high-quality and affordable solution we provided, which really helped their short-run artisan product stand out in-store.

The Four Saucemen have continued to expand their range, now offering gift boxes containing their original award-winning barbecue rubs. They expressed gratitude for our team treating them like a big customer from the very beginning and are excited to continue enlisting our services for their upcoming new and exciting products.

At SCG, we are leaders in our field in New Zealand and take pride in providing our valued customers with exceptional packaging solutions that meet their unique needs.


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Packaging Perfection