Savouring Australia Campaign

We created a multi-media/platform campaign including, video, print, digital and social fronted by Sarah Tuck, a passionate foodie, photographer and keen traveller. Sarah spent a mammoth 20 days in the field in Australia on a food and wine adventure, providing raw copy and photography which we edited and cut into 20 video objects focused on each day of the “degustation”.

This was done virtually in real time for campaign purposes. Intros and outros were shot at Sarah’s home to create a sense of authenticity, along with voiceovers for each video. The videos were promoted heavily across all the Dish brand channels, driving traffic to a content hub hosted by Yahoo.


  • Content strategy
  • Editorial direction
  • Design direction
  • Content creation
  • Content development
  • Production
  • Media amplification


  • Social
  • Print
  • Video
  • Website
  • Digital
Savouring Australia Campaign