Z-Card pocket media

Z-Card is a totally unique and innovative communications solution that was invented over 20 years ago by George McDonald when he was a travel writer and consultant for British Airways. SCG is proud to be the official printer for Z-CARD PocketMedia®.

The Z-CARD is a convenient pocketmedia solution that consists of a single piece of paper with a card attached to the front and back which can accommodate any type of media from detailed maps to simple restaurant menus. A small form factor results in a durable and portable design that customers will be more likely to keep.

We also offer a wide range of display boxes in different stocks and formats, this ensures the branding of your box & Z-cards is perfectly consistent through print matching. The box folds to become a counter display holding 40 credit card sized Z-Cards.

The high impact of these solutions will ensure your brand stays front of mind with your target audience.

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Z-Card pocket media