Idealog - A media brand like no other. Targeting entrepreneurs and innovators, Idealog is chock full of case studies, expert advice and stories of hardwon success. Covering tech, design, marketing, exporting and start-ups, the Idealog brand is about showcasing the transformative power of innovation and creative thinking. In-depth and practical with a focus on facts, people, case studies and data, Idealog aims to be the voice of progressive business through a combination of inspiration and education. Idealog readers are open minded, ambitious, entrepreneurial and always looking for a better way of doing things. 80% of our audience are looking for new ideas, thinking and trends.


“I am always impressed and inspired by Idealog’s commitment to highlighting and sharing the success of New Zealanders from all forms of diverse backgrounds and identities.” Alexia Hilbertidou, CEO - GirlBoss

Idealog are the mecca for tech media and One Fat Sheep are stoked to call them a partner. Creating AR is new to so many of our partners but Idealog made building this experience look like child’s play.”  Sebastian Deans, Managing Director - One Fat Sheep

Our approach

SECTION OWNERSHIP - Complete brand ownership and association of all content within specific sections, including branded editorial accompanying each story, linking to the brand partner’s site.

CONTENT OWNERSHIP - All pieces of sponsored content are produced with versatility and longevity in mind. They can be used for further promotion through sponsors’ own channels, further expanding reach and engagement.

VIDEO PRODUCTION - Branded video pieces or series featuring animation, interviews, info-graphics and illustrations.

MEDIA INNOVATION - With a wide network of creatives we can produce something completely unique. We have made augmented reality covers, virtual reality experiences, crowdsourced designs and built an idea pitching app.

EVENTS - One off or a series of events featuring the Idealog audience and crew.

ADVERTISING - We provide standard display ads through all our platforms. Get in touch for a copy of our media kit.

CONTACT - Our team is always up for a chat so please get in touch.


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