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SCGPrecision is a powerful alliance between Precision Group Australia and SCG. We work in partnership with fundraisers to deliver powerful donor-centric communications to attract and retain donors.

Project Management
We are a team comprising of marketing experts and production specialists, whose objective is to provide a high level of consistent communication to any direct mail campaign. Your dedicated account manager will manage your campaign through each stage of development and production.

Data intelligence and analytics
Precision at SCG will excel in meeting your data needs, whether it be cleansing, de-duplication, return mail management or ensuring your database is up to date. We are familiar with all aspects of distribution channel requirements so ensure your data is as accurate as possible, where you benefit from bulk postal discounts.

Good decisions are data driven, so should be based on what worked well in previous campaigns. Thanks to our drive to learn what works and why, we analyse data and report on everything that we do. We segment data for all communications which allows communications to work harder and better.

Print solutions
Beneath the Precision at SCG’s offices is our print room, humming away with digital colour presses that produce personalised printed pieces of the highest quality. When merging a document with data, we can make any document as variable as is needed by changing out names, addresses, areas of text or images. The Océ VarioPrint i300 inkjet machine takes personalisation to a higher level. Not only can you personalise every page in a book or brochure, but you can print on a wide range of media in the same run. Gloss, matte or uncoated stocks can be combined to create truly unique documents/communications.

Fulfilment and sourcing solutions
Precision at SCG offer all kinds of fulfilment services. We have folding and inserting machines, intelligent matching machines, flow wrapping and an array of finishing capabilities. Should there be any specific items that need to be sourced, we can manage any offshore manufacturing requirements for supporting marketing material.


Our warehousing and logistics solution are accessed through a customised website. It means you can arrange for stored stock to be packed up and distributed to any site in New Zealand whenever you need it. The ordering of stock is access controlled and we report on a regular basis.

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