Sustainable’ is our default setting

SCG has been on a sustainability journey since 2004, when we achieved our first accreditation as Soar Print.

Unless you ask for specific inks and papers, we’ll always propose the lowest impact solution for every job.

This means:

  • All carbon emissions from power and fuel consumed by SCG are offset with NZ sourced carbon credits
  • The opportunity to have Net Toitû carbonzero printed products and printed services, which includes the right to uses the Net Toitû carbonzero logo
  • A wide choice of responsibly sourced papers, either FSC or PEFC
  • Printing with vegetable based inks
  • Recommendation of best finished size to minimise paper waste
  • Optimum run sizes to reduce paper waste and minimise obsolescence
  • Energy efficient printing and finishing technology
  • Paper waste recycling (99%)
  • Online print management that allows just in time print ordering