In today’s complex multichannel marketing environment, marketers need control, consistency and confidence. They need to be fast and reflexive, while remaining uncompromisingly accurate.

To give our clients a competitive edge and maximise efficiency and effectiveness, we created the Do-IT Marketing Delivery Platform. It’s a revolutionary tool that enhances speed to market, eliminates repetitive tasks and empowers localised marketing.

With Do-IT, you’ll enjoy:

  • Faster production through pre-designed templates and automation of marketing processes
  • The elimination of labour-intensive and repetitive processes, allowing you to invest more time in activities that add true value to your business
  • Fast, responsive and targeted localised marketing within the predefined brand guidelines
  • The delivery of consistent marketing through pre-approved logos, imagery, text and access to a centralised product library
  • The ability to work across multiple marketing channels using consistent imaging from one central source

DO-IT integrates seamlessly with current systems, and includes enterprise-level security to ensure your collateral remains secure no matter where you are. As a cloud-based solution, Do-IT can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world, 24/7, with no software required. All you need is a printer and an Internet connection.


A huge (and growing) number of top New Zealand brands use Do-IT to deliver marketing communications effectively, efficiently and smartly. Get in touch with us today to discover the possibilities for your business.

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Amanda Popplewell
Amanda Popplewell

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