Driving your dollars further: ICG’s vehicle wrap team

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Is a vehicle wrap worth the investment? The numbers tell a compelling story.

Up to a thousand people a day may see a wrap depending on traffic flow and volume. It
continues to attract eyeballs in car parks and driveways. It’s a one-off advertising spend that
arguably offers more exposure for less money than any other medium.

More compelling, according to ICG’s Aaron Webb, is the fact that “no one’s ever unhappy”
“everyone is delighted” with his the team’s work.

As head of the vehicle wrap team, Aaron holds a fervent belief that his install bay is “the best in
the business”place to spend your money”. He calls what his team does “the best value form of
marketing with ongoing value out there”, and since he holds each of the team to his own high
standards (he calls it pedantic-ness), they produce exceptional results each and every time. You might get a cheaper quote elsewhere, but you won’t find better value for money.

The team start with top quality products, and refuse to compromise on this. Cheaper materials
might bring down the overall cost of completing a wrap, but they’ll also shorten its lifespan
considerably. The team has a strong relationship with Avery, who offer a warranty on all their
products in addition to an ever-expanding range of colours, textures and patterns.

Next, they put immense attention to detail into the application process. Vehicle wraps are easy
to slap on, but an expert applier can add years to the lifespan of a wrap by working with
precision and care. Aaron’s team have a real sense of pride in their work, putting particular
emphasis on the all-important post-heating and trimming process. An ICG vehicle wrap will last between 5 and 7 years – and that’s 5-7 years of looking amazing, before any signs of wear and tear start to creep in.

As you’d expect, people keep coming back. Massive nationwide names like AA, NZ Post, MPI,
and Intercity Buses roar through the doors and come out looking picture perfect. The team wrap anything – cars, buses, race cars, boats. There’s plenty of work from the big brands, but the team are just as happy to work with smaller businesses and individuals who just want to make their set of wheels stand out on the road. Vehicle wraps are a fraction of the cost of a paint job, quicker and more convenient to get done, and come with the added bonus of being totally reversible.

The team are always in demand, but still keen to make even the tightest timeframes work for their clients. Call them on a Monday, with a 15-car fleet and a Friday deadline, and they’ll do their best to deliver. The prints are all done on-site at ICG’s custom-built installation bay, which means there’s no need to involve other agencies.

An in-house design studio and a whole floor of printing experts are on hand just down the hall to create quality designs and mockups. The team also have a national installation database, with approvals processed via smartphone photography. With the powerful backing of ICG’s creative brains and marketing talent, the team offer skills in brand consistency and logistics as a core service. In addition to ensuring each individual vehicle comes out looking stunning, they make sure they all look the part together. A client of any size can come in, say “look after it”, and walk away knowing their brand is in safe hands.

So are vehicle wraps worth the investment? Well, the big names on the road seem to think so.
As Aaron very practically points out too, the more money you spend clocking up miles, the more people see you – and the harder your money works (and keeps on working for years).

“What other form of media can say that?” he says, with more than a hint of pride.

Written by ICG