Molly Woppy and SCG: Partnering for Environmentally Friendly Packaging

  • Marcus Hawkins

Introduction: In today's world, where environmental sustainability is of utmost importance, businesses that prioritise eco-friendly practices stand out from the crowd. Molly Woppy, a renowned New Zealand-based cookie company, is a shining example of such a business. With a commitment to minimizing their impact on the environment, Molly Woppy has chosen to collaborate with SCG, a packaging provider known for its sustainable practices. This partnership showcases the power of conscious choices in creating environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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Molly Woppy: A Commitment to Sustainability:

Molly Woppy prides itself on producing 100% locally-made, hand-crafted cookies that not only delight taste buds but also champion sustainability. As a responsible company, they continuously seek ways to improve and evolve their packaging to align with their eco-friendly values. Their dedication to minimizing their environmental footprint is evident in every aspect of their operations.

SCG: Leading the Way in Sustainable Packaging:

SCG, the chosen packaging provider for Molly Woppy, shares the same passion for sustainability. Their remarkable achievements include the prestigious Toitū carbon zero certification, recognised as New Zealand's most credible measure of sustainability. This certification highlights SCG's commitment to carbon neutrality and their ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco-Conscious Materials and Printing Techniques:

To create environmentally friendly packaging for Molly Woppy's delectable cookies, SCG employs vegetable-based inks during the printing process, further reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional ink production.

Ingenious Design:

Merging Sustainability and Creativity: Molly Woppy's signature packaging stands out with its ingenious design. Incorporating die-cut windows that replicate their cookie shapes, it not only showcases the delicious treats within but also serves as a sustainable embellishment technique. By using this innovative approach, Molly Woppy enhances the visual appeal of their packaging while minimising waste and eliminating the need for excessive materials.

Bringing Whimsy to Life:

The Foodstuffs Expo Stand: Demonstrating their mutual commitment to sustainability and creativity, Molly Woppy and SCG recently collaborated on an exciting project—an exhibition stand for the Foodstuffs North Island and South Island Expo. This partnership allowed the whimsical packaging design of Molly Woppy to come alive. Visitors to the expo were transported into a cookie wonderland, surrounded by captivating wallpaper and iconic packaging. SCG's printing expertise was pivotal in creating a memorable and environmentally conscious experience for attendees.

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Molly Woppy's dedication to sustainability is evident in their unwavering commitment to environmentally friendly packaging. By partnering with SCG, they have found a packaging provider that shares their values and helps bring their creative designs to life. Together, Molly Woppy and SCG showcase the power of collaboration in championing sustainable practices. Their partnership demonstrates that with conscious choices, it is possible to create packaging that is both visually appealing and environmentally responsible. As we move forward, we believe that more companies will be following their lead and making environmentally friendly choices a priority.



Written by Marcus Hawkins

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