SCG bestowed with Sustainability Award

  • Bobbie Gray

A longstanding commitment to sustainability initiatives saw SCG bestowed with the coveted Sustainability Award at the 2022 Pride In Print Awards.

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Image: SCG joint managing director Fred Soar collecting the PrintNZ Sustainability Award alongside B&F Papers managing director Penelope Savidan at the 2022 Pride In Print Awards Evening, Christchurch, June 17

Formed through the recent merger of Soar Print and ICG, we welcomed the award recognition but are not intending to sit on any laurels in our sustainability drive.

We know that to be truly sustainable into the future, the print industry needs to slip into a smaller carbon footprint.

Our vision drives us particularly after our centenary year. We are thinking forward across the next 100 years, acting urgently to create a low-emissions future that is positive for our people, our business, our suppliers, our economy and our country.

Among SCG’s notable recent and/or current sustainability focuses are electrification of our vehicle fleet.


Electric Cars - Stefan & Andrew_web

Image: SCG Account Managers Stefan Berthoud (Left) & Andrew Light (right) picking up their new MG HS +EV cars. 


One-third of our vehicles – eight out of a fleet of 24 – have transitioned already and two more are to happen later this year. We also are looking to reduce the fleet by three vehicles and encourage use of two pool vehicles.

We have installed rapid chargers for company cars, and encourage staff to use them as well, to help them transition to clean vehicles.

In addition to developing carbon calculators for a wide range of printed products and large-format work, the business has committed to running “efficiently as possible” at its new site.

We have halved our heating, ventilation and air conditioning requirements through redesigning our production workspaces and this lead to a significant reduction in power supply requirements with a transformer 58% smaller than our previous premises.

This reduces the load requirements on the network. We are also investigating a solar installation to improve our resilience and lower our carbon consumption footprint even further.

If you’d like to learn more about our sustainable print services, download a fact sheet here or feel free to drop us a line on 09 360 5700.


Written by Bobbie Gray

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